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Spinal Balloon Innovative technology for pain relief in cases of spinal stenosis and other spine compression problems
Silvi Industries Advanced retail analysis tools to optimize marketing and sales strategies
Biomor Natural products for biocidal applications
Deliverance Devices for arterial bleeding management for use in the field or in the operation room
Mitam Biological Control Biological control agents for animal pests, in particular ticks
Lithotec Invasive medical devices based nitinol  alloy and application of nano-pulse technology for lithotripsy and other medical usage
Coeruleus Novel solutions for the treatment of a wide range of GABAA disorders, causing daytime sleepiness and "hangover" effects.
Newton Propulsion High power hybrid technology, which combines advantages of combustions engines and gas turbines
Aquaspark Spark technology for effective treatment of industrial and agricultural wastewater
Biocep Advanced platform for efficient human cell separation